So you want to know how much your home is worth? With today's technology, answering that question has never been easier. In fact, there's several ways to get an estimate of your home's value. Those ways range in accuracy and level of effort to obtain but are all viable solutions to capturing value. Here are the most common methods for estimating home value used by home buyers and sellers as well as real estate professionals. These methods are ordered from the least to the most detailed: Online Tools - The simplest way to determine your home's value is to use an online home evaluation tool. These tools use algorithms to compare your home with other homes in your area to calculate a very rough estimate of your home' value. These tools can be found online at various real estate sites for free. Be aware the accuracy of the information can vary based on the underlying database of properties being used. As a result you may see a different value for your home if you use different sites. Sites used by professionals that interface with the Realtor Multiple Listing Service (MLS) are the most accurate for online tools. Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) - A CMA is what real estate professionals create for a more accurate estimate of your homes worth. A CMA is used to determine asking price, when listing properties, and offering price, when submitting contracts to buy properties. A good real estate professional will provide a CMA for your home free of charge. Appraisals - An appraisal, conducted by a licensed appraiser, is what banks use to determine a property' value. This number may vary ever so slightly from appraiser to appraiser but what's consistent is their detailed approach to physically viewing the property in addition to using property records. An appraisal can cost $250 to $350 or more. Home Inspections - A home inspection, conducted by a licensed home inspector, is an increased level of scrutiny into the condition of a property. A good home inspector will search every nook and cranny of your home to uncover both anomalies that can decrease the value of your home as well as ways to increase the value of your home. Home inspections can range tremendously in price. Some home inspectors charge a flat rate, others charge by the square foot, some charge by the price of the house and some charge by the amount of time spent.